Top Places for a Beach Wedding in Mexico

January 7, 2013

Mexico beach weddingsHave you been dreaming of a beautiful beach wedding? Do you want to hold the most important day in your life under the sun and on a pristine beach with sand between your toes? If you want an unforgettable wedding, one of the best places to have your destination wedding is in Mexico.

Mexico has become the go spot for a lot of destination weddings due to how affordable it is and the location being so beautiful. It has extensive coastlines which include Gulf of Mexico, Caribbean Sea and the Pacific Ocean. A popular destination among vacationers, it has also become a popular place to hold weddings and other events.

The tropical weather of Mexico adds to its beauty. In addition to this, Mexico has a very rich and vast culture making it more enticing for people planning their weddings. Couples can choose from so many beautiful beaches around the country and it may be tough at times figuring out which is the right one for their wedding. Here’s a list of some of the popular places in for Mexico beach wedding.

1.     Secrets Maroma Beach Riviera Cancun- Located in the Carretera Federal Cancun, it is known to be one of the best places to hold a destination beach wedding. In addition to the scenic and romantic beach view, they have excellent room service, which will cater to the couple and their guests.

 2.     Bahias de Huatulco, Oaxaca- If you want an enchanting beachfront villa, then this place is for you. The people who maintain this place have an eye for ecological preservation. It is known to be the largest ecological reserve designated by the Mexican government. This is a very popular place for couples who want an unforgettable beach wedding.

3.     Mayakoba Beach, Riviera Maya- This is one of the best places for couples who want their wedding ceremonies to be very romantic. They boast luxurious accommodations, gourmet dining options and excellent service. It is considered as a magical hideaway for couples.

4.     Punta Mita Mexico- If you want a wedding with picturesque scenery and white sand beach, this is the right location for you. They have spacious casita-style luxury resort accommodations with beachfront or ocean views. In addition to this, they are known for delicious Mexican cuisine.

5.     El Careyes Beach, Careyes- Known as the “little slice of paradise”, this is another place that is popular among couples. Aside from the reasonable priced packages, they boast great food and some of the best beaches.

A person’s wedding should be romantic and unforgettable and choosing the right spot for your Mexico destination wedding can help make it even better. Just remember when choosing the spot for your beach wedding, be sure that you pick a place which you and your partner will love.

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